Mrs Ségolène Royal's Official Visit of Smart ZAE !

On Friday, March 10th, we received the official visit of Mrs Ségolène ROYAL, Minister of the Environment, accompanied by Mr Louis SCHWEITZER, General Commissioner for Investment. For one hour, the Minister visited Smart ZAE and all of our electricity grids of the future demonstrator:

  • Renewable energy production capacity thanks to 6 wind turbines and 300 kWp of solar panels
  • Energy storage capacity thanks to 10 LEVISYS fly wheels, the revolutionary technology of which achieves a 97% efficiency, and Lithium-ion batteries
  • Demonstration of the 1MW BattGridTM BESS connected to the distribution grid, that supplies the RTE utility with frequency support service since 09/12/2016
  • Visit of the power platform created in 2014 by a public / private partnership between the INP Toulouse for the Laplace laboratory, the CIRTEM company and SCLE SFE
  • Visit of the production and control workshops for SCLE HVB/HVA transformer substations distributed control and protection systems

The visit ended with a speech by Mrs Royal and Mr Schweitzer to our employees. This event is a proof of our know-how in the field of energy and power electronics and reinforces our commitment to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow's electrical networks.