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SCLE SFE renews its historic commitment in the INSA Toulouse Foundation!

On September the 19th, SCLE SFE renewed its partnership with INSA Toulouse for a three-year period as a benefactor of the INSA Toulouse Foundation. SCLE SFE is the first corporate partner of the INSA Toulouse Foundation.

All along this partnership, two strands will be particularly developed:

  • A societal component through support to the Foundation: equal opportunities and diversity programs, subsidies for student initiatives, support for innovative schemes;
  • A strand of support for the training courses through reinforced collaborations with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Transversal Cross-curricular Energy: promotion of jobs, internships and jobs, technical and scientific conferences, participation in research projects conducted by students ...

By renewing its historic patronage with the INSA Toulouse Foundation, SCLE SFE reinforces its commitment to the development of INSA Toulouse and the training of tomorrow engineers.

SCLE is committed to an approach of excellence oriented towards all its stakeholders and makes sustainable development a business philosophy. Helping the INSA Toulouse foundation has three objectives: to contribute to the social dimension of the foundation, on the expectations of tomorrow's industry and strengthen the business-school link to create bold projects in the field of energy. " explains Jean-François Revel, engineer INSA Toulouse Automatique-Electronique 84 and Deputy Director of SCLE SFE.

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