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Joint platform power

An energy conversion platform, real energy efficiency laboratory

On February 4th 2014, SCLE SFE, the INP Toulouse, for the LAPLACE laboratory and the CIRTEM company signed a partnership agreement to create a conversion energy research and test platform, designed for electrical and rail infrastructures.

This 2000 sq.m research and test platform allows to test the energy conversion in real conditions with significant electrical power.

This platform will be able to bring faster to market applications that might interest railway network or electricity  distribution and transmission operators, renewable energy producers or  local authorities.

For example, the applications developed will be able to increase the railway line traffic, to recover the braking energy of streetcars or to create solar energy battery charging systems for electric vehicles. 

A unique center of expertise to develop and validate your products

For the duration necessary for your test, our teams of engineers and technicians support you in the implementation of the tests, the identification of malfunctions and their resolution. Our engineers and technicians are specialized electricity and power systems.

Moreover, the power of platform is installed next to our production workshop. This proximity allows us to quickly implement technical solutions to problems encountered during testing.

A modular infrastructure
  • 1000 sq.m dedicated to tests and 1000 sq.m more of office for our teams
  • 4 seperated, secure and versatile in power areas for testing, 
  • External integration area of ​​500 sq.m for supplying some equipment in prebuilt container outside of the platform in operational conditions
Power to all your tests

The power platform is connected to the 20,000 V  ERDF network. It has a delivery station, a  distribution station but also a switch cabinet.

The power of the installation up to 3 MW.

  • Continuous: 750 VDC and 1500 VDC
  • AC: 20,000 VAC and 400 VAC

Focus on our partners

LAPLACE Laboratory


The LAPLACE Laboratory (Plasmas Laboratory and energy conversion), combined unit of CNRS-UPS-INP research within the Toulouse University, represents the first national concentration in research in the electrical engineering and plasmas field thanks to its human potential of 160 permanent employees and almost the same number of doctoral and post-doctoral students.

The researches conducted at LAPLACE fit into the electrical energy and plasma fields and cover a continuum of activities, including the production, transport, management, conversion and use of electricity.

The GENESYS Group (Electrical and Systemic Energy Group), one of the 12 research groups of LAPLACE is also partner of the Smart ZAE project (contract signed in 2011, under INP Toulouse administrative supervision). The team is in charge of the definition of the micro grid management laws.

An original strategy aims at being committed "off line, in the evening for the next day" on a power trajectory described by the whole micro grid perimeter (renewable sources, solar, wind, inertial storage and local consumption of the economic activity area). This trajectory planning is optimised in order to minimise the electrical bill of the economic activity area, maximising the amortisation of its equipment.

Visite LAPLACE website



Today, 35 employees are working at CIRTEM, Centre of Engineering and Modern Electrotechnical Technologies Reasearch. The company generates a turnover of 5 M€.

The company is a specialist in technologies of "switch-mode" electrical energy conversion. The premises are located in Toulouse. Among the references, we can mention large companies like SCLE SFE,  middle-market company like Actia and academic partners like laboratories such as LAPLACE, historical partner of CIRTEM.

The SME from Toulouse, with its proven experience for almost 30 years, intervenes on various scopes of application. From embedded sytems like automobile or aeronautics, to infrastructures for energy management and quality, through some industrial processes, CIRTEM has a large product range for energy conversion coming from its R&D, historical activity of the company. The innovation is the main element of its developments, demonstrated by the number of the simultaneous projects (around ten), collaborative or for a third party.

CIRTEM has been maintaining a partnership with SCLE SFE since 1996, based on the mutual confidence which started by the successful development of pricing generators.

SCLE SFE was the first to call on the production capacities of short and medium-size series of CIRTEM.

Visit CIRTEM website