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Smart Grid Experience


Official opening of Smart Grid Experience in Toulouse, the 11/09/2014

> On September, the 11th of 2014, ENGIE Ineo inaugurated the first SmartGrid for an economic activity area thanks to SCLE SFE.

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Smart Grid experience : press kit


Official opening of Smart Grid Experience in Toulouse the 11/09/2014

The first electrical smart grid of France has been inaugurated yesterday on an economic activity area in Toulouse. This SmartGrid allows to create, store and manage the electricity.

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Mixed power platform


Creation of a platform in Toulouse in order to answer the energy efficiency challenges

On February, the 4th of 2014, the "INP Toulouse" for the LAPLACE laboratory, Cofely Ineo represented by SCLE SFE and the CIRTEM company have signed a partnership agreement to create a platform of energy conversion reasearch and tests, designed for electrical and railway infrastructures.

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