BGS SIL4 security platform presented in Stockholm this summer

BGS is a SIL4 certified security hardware and software platform.

Several applications have already been developed by SCLE from this generic platform:

  • DVL, Crosswind detector, SIL2 certified: 19 complete systems instantiated on the high-speed railway line between Bordeaux and Tours and 3 complete systems between Tanger and Kenitra
  • PMGI, Computerized Geographical Maneuvering Station, SIL 4 certified: installed on the Avignon tramway, it is a decentralized interlocking system linked to the maneuvering of the hands
  • KBRI, certified SIL 2: Block of control of the redundancy of the ITE in the N.S1 format for the SNCF

Learn more:

  Download the product sheet of the DVL

 Download the BGS brochure