First contract with RTM for track circuit maintenance!

Our Marseilles agency, specialized in safety systems for railway signalling for 50 years, has just signed its first deal with RTM: a device for analyzing and measuring track circuits for the Marseilles metro. 

How do railway signal lights detect the position of a metro train running on the network? The tracks are divided into sections called "cantons"; each canton is fed by a track circuit that is only interrupted by the passage of a train's axles. The disappearance of the signal is a safety information indicating the presence of the train on the canton. This signal passes through the N.S1 relays to the traffic lights!
Our system allows the maintenance of these track circuits, whose integrity is crucial for the reliability and availability of the Marseilles urban network.

This contract is a great opportunity for SCLE's Marseilles agency, which has been mastering track circuit measurements since the 1980s with the country's railway operators.

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