Self-consumption of the Athena building: the balance sheet after one year!

We have been experimenting with self-consumption in the Athena building for one year now, thanks to a 48 kWp solar power plant installed on the roof and our BattGrid energy storage system. The results are there with an annual average of 97.36% self-consumption and 43.60% self-production!

In September 2019, a 48 kWp photovoltaic power plant is installed on the roof of Athena: partly financed by the Occitanie Region within the framework of a call for projects on self-consumption, the plant is then connected to the battery storage system installed on our site (BattGrid); it is our Power Systems Engineering that develops the EMS (Energy Management System) and ensures its implementation! Real-time monitoring of the building's consumption and production is carried out via the Smarteo measurement and supervision solution, developed by the Marseille Agency. A great interdepartmental collaboration!

This building of 2400 m² on 3 floors accommodates 140 people working in production and R&D activities. Over the past year, the solar power plant coupled with the BattGrid storage system has enabled the company to cover on average more than 43% of its energy needs! Congratulations to the teams for these very encouraging results and thanks to the Occitanie Region!

How does it work?
- When the building consumes more than it produces in solar energy, the production is directly used.
- When the building is in surplus (e.g. on weekends), the excess solar electricity is stored in BattGrid.
- When the building is again a global consumer, BattGrid restores the energy previously stored.