Frequency support service

Made in France

SCLE SFE offers a"frequency support" service using a storage system connected to the power grid

In order to ensure the balance of the power grid and maintain its baseline frequency (50 Hz), supply and demand must be equal at all times. Any imbalance results in either an increase or a decrease in frequency. The service that helps maintain the grid's baseline frequency, which must be guaranteed by RTE, is known as "frequency support".

In January 2016, French legislation ended the exclusive use of facilities connected to the transmission system for electricity balancing, opening the way for new alternatives such as the use of consumer sites (private customers, companies, industries, etc.) or storage systems connected to the electricity distribution system.



Battery Energy Storage System offers multiple benefits. It is readily available and easy to operate, and it meets power requirements quicker than conventional generation plants. The battery also means a frequency support service can be offered at a competitive price. Lastly, as it uses already-generated power, it helps reduce the French electricity grid's carbon footprint.



Learn more about the first battery connected to the French Power grid by ENGIE in Toulouse, in September 2016.

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