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Performance and social priorities

The 300 co-workers of SCLE SFE are driven by a strong entrepreneurial heritage : they choose, share and develop a vision of the company that is respectful of strong social, economic and environmental values. 

A customer-oriented company

With our teams and partners, we develop optimised and sustainable solutions.

We are reactive and responsible: we stick together in our quest of « customer benefit », constant since the creation of the company. 


At SCLE SFE, performance goes hand in hand with social awareness 

SCLE SFE cares for its entrepreunarial business model and promotes the « Made in France » label as well as the sustainable development. We always have in mind the sustainability of the company and the quality of the services provided as well as the ethics and citizenship. The company has also been involved in a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) for several years.

In this respect, we have two ambitions:  

  • Become a leading actor into the future electrical grids and railway networks
  • Be recognised as a model for the involvement and the enhancement of our co-workers and for our good corporate citizenship.


SCLE SFE, an SME committed in CSR and recognized ISO 26000, inToulouse and Marseille

In 2013, our CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) allowed us to obtain the level "Confirmed" on AFNOR ISO 26000. The implementation of this standard demonstrates our commitment to take into account stakeholders within

The 7 ISO26000 core subjects are:
- Organizational governance ;
- Human rights ;
- Labour practices ;
- The environment ;
- Fair operating practices ;
- Consumer issues ;
- Community involvement and development.


Team spirit


Reactivity, dynamism and professionalism are the strongest when services and co-workers are helping one another. Common pursuit of solutions, share of issues: the listening and the dialogue are essential. 



We are structured and organised in order to meet our customer's needs within a very short time limit, even before they express their needs. 



Further and better ! The company is recognised for the respect of its commitments, its concern for a work well done and its quest of continuous improvement. 



We are all different ! We have different skills, different behaviors, but there is something that binds us : the respect of each other. This diversity is our wealth. It reinforces our creativity and stimulates our support. 



Our attraction for pushing boundaries is really pronounced as well as our constant strive for improvement. We love our job and it shows ! 



Everyone contributes to the quality of service. The regulations and procedures are taken into account and thus contribute to minimize the risks.