Smart ZAE

Project supported by Ademe as part of the program Smart Grid investments for future

At SCLE SFE Toulouse, the installations consuming energy, the ones producing and the ones storing are connected between them. They are continuously communicating in order to refine the balance between production and electrical consumption at a given moment. 

The project is composed of several technologies:

  • 170 kWp of photovoltaic and  15 kW of wind power
  • 100 kWh of flywheels
  • 100 kWh of lithium-ion batteries
  • A DC bus
  • A smart energy management system 

Smart ZAE was inaugurated on September 2014 the 11th during the Smart Grid Experience event in Toulouse.

Ademe Smart ZAE Sheet

This site is one of the first smart grid concrete experiments at this scale in France!



Smart ZAE integrates almost all the aspects of the future grids in order to:

  • Optimise the energy management ;
  • Anticipate, follow and optimise the use of the local renewable energy production ;
  • Control the consumptions and the peak hourly demand of the companies located in the economic activity zone to minimise the local and national peaks ;
  • Value economically the flexibility brought by the monitoring of installations and energy storage ;
  • Support the network if needed.

A part of the Smart ZAE financing is insured by the ADEME as part of "Investissements d'Avenir".
SCLE SFE manages the Smart ZAE project in partnership with CIRTEM, LEVISYS and the LAPLACE laboratory.



Deployed in Toulouse , Smart ZAE is equipped with 170kWc of photovoltaic, 15 kW of wind energy, and three main technological innovations:

  • Electricity storage units (100 kW/100 kWh of flywheels and 100 kWh of batteries) ;
  • Continuous current connections for an optimum efficiency of exchanges between storage and energy production sources ;
  • High-efficiency energy converters.